Failure of Naranja Park 454 Bond

One of our friends has asked us to post his opinion….so here it is!

I’ve heard a lot of opinions about why the 454 Bond failed and I guess I am entitled to mine. It is an opinion just as the others are and no one, me included, can give a definite reason.

I’ve heard that the Bond failed as a result of the fiscal mismanagement in Oro Valley of the Community Center. Personally I reject that idea for two reasons and this is not the opinion part: (more…)

Yes or No on 454???

YES ON 454.

Why should I vote for something that raises my taxes? It’s a very good question, and one that is seldom answered with any validity. Hopefully we can do that for you. (more…)



Many people commented to me and the others involved with this blog about the absence of postings during the primary and I just wanted to take a moment to address that issue before the “NEW STUFF”. (more…)

A Blue Endorsement

What you can do to support Police Officers

As a recently retired police officer I have been asked by many people about what they can do to support police officers during this tragic and volatile time. I have told those who live In Oro Valley that there is an election where two of the incumbents running for re-election have consistently criticized the finest officers and department there may be in this country. In early April 2014 several Oro Valley Police officers dodged bullets from a crazed gunman who ended up taking hostages resulting in a long standoff. Within two weeks Bill Garner was quoted in the newspaper where he used terms such as “prima donna” when referring to the police department and “thuggary” when referring to police officers. Many of those officers involved in that April 2014 incident have since been recognized for their heroism. And Mike Zinkin’s constant unwarranted criticism of the police department and officers has been well documented. I watched the video of the June 3, 2015 council meeting where the Deputy Chief of Police had to address many of the ridiculous and offensive assertions that Zinkin and Garner have made towards the Oro Valley police department and its officers. The Deputy Chief warned that non constructive criticism of law enforcement should not be furthered by individuals in leadership positions. This is the non constructive rhetoric that Zinkin and Garner have been spewing for years now towards the officers, those who honorably protect and serve all of us. We’ve seen the danger and damage done across this country related to such rhetoric way too much recently. It has been devastating to those of us who have served in public safety, and those that support us. It is unfortunate that Brendan Burns has had so many issues involving intervention by the police but chooses to seek office again where he is called upon to cast votes directly impacting those officers. He has also described himself as being aligned with Zinkin and Garner when explaining his criminal justice issues.

It is for these reasons that I have chosen to publicly support the three challengers in the upcoming election, thus supporting the police officers that honorably serve Oro Valley. So when you want to know what you can do to support police officers you now know that voting for Rhonda Pina, Bill Rodman and Steve Solomon is how you can show your support in Oro Valley.

Sgt. Bruce Thomas, OVPD (retired)

From Don Cox a view of the incumbents…letter to the Explorer

We are getting very close to the date on which ballots for the Oro Valley Town Council election will be in your mail box. Things have been unusually quiet. You may think that is because everything is going well and the local election is therefore not really important.  Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

The reason things are quiet is that the three incumbents (Zinkin –Burns –Garner) don’t really want publicity. They don’t want to call any attention to themselves. Don’t you find it interesting that other than a few signs on the streets and the obligatory response to the Explorer questions there are no big publicity pushes to highlight their successes over the past four years? Shouldn’t there be some kind of a campaign effort to let you, the voter, know that they are a far better choice than the vibrant new candidates. Isn’t that what incumbents do?

Well these incumbents have mounted NO campaign because their record is so dismal THAT THE LESS YOU KNOW ABOUT THEM, THE BETTER OFF THEY ARE. After all, as an incumbent, would you want to call attention to the repeated complaints of harassment filed against you by Town of Oro Valley employees?  And not just one or two, but eleven, spread out over the four years of your term. Even after being called on the carpet for 9 instances of misbehavior in the first several months of his term , Zinkin suffered further rug burns, by repeating his repugnant behavior late last year. The latest episodes earned him severe restrictions on where he is allowed in Town Hall. Isn’t that nice? An elected Oro Valley Town Council member’s movements, within Town Hall, are restricted to protect Town employees.  I doubt that will appear on his resume or campaign literature.

Another incumbent managed to create sufficient chaos within his own immediate family, that he garnered (no pun intended) felony charges for entering his estranged wife’s residence (which also violated a court order to not have contact with her) and holding a knife to his own abdomen asking her  to stab him according to newspaper reports. The fact that his very young daughter witnessed this event is truly sad.  Charges were later reduced to high level misdemeanors. In addition to this incident, he experienced multiple other police contacts during the past four years.

This is not a reality show script. It’s all public record.

Now let’s talk about the ‘mild mannered’ third incumbent….Bill Garner. One would think that he is very vanilla and harmless. That’s foolery. Mr. Garner has stated that the Oro Valley Police Department (OVPD) practices “thuggery”. Who knows why he said this but I suggest that it may be because the OVPD asked for a pay raise after multiple years with no pay raise. Evidently their superb performance keeping Oro Valley safe didn’t matter to Garner. But then, ever since his application to another police department somewhat south of us was rejected, he hasn’t been very supportive of police. But his most classless comment  was when he referred to the police department as being a “prima donna department”.  What makes this comment so offensive is that was delivered in close proximity to  a home invasion in Oro Valley. During this event an armed man broke into an Oro Valley home, assaulted a young resident, held family members captive and fired more than 30 shots at the police men and women who responded and were pinned down by this gunfire outside the home.  Prima Donnas??????

These are your incumbents. I don’t know about you but that’s not who I want representing my values. I want people who can rationally discuss an issue. I want people who can approach a problem with an open mind and not an agenda that is already set. I want decent human beings representing me.

Don Cox




The date for filing nominating petitions has passed and the three incumbents have all filed for re-election.

Three challengers have also filed the necessary paperwork. They are Rhonda Pina, a Wells Fargo employee who was once the branch manager of the two Wells Fargo banks here in Oro Valley. Bill Rodman, who has served for four years on the Planning and Zoning Commission and it’s Chair the last year of his term. Steve Solomon will try again, having been appointed to fill a vacancy on the Town Council and then being defeated on his first bid for election. In this writers opinion all three appear to be a far better choice than the incumbents. None of the challengers seem to have made any public comment regarding the recent purchase of the Community Center during that dust up so it will be interesting to get their take on the future of that project.

It is rather sad that Councilman Burns made a decision to seek re-election. There were strong feelings in the community that he may withdraw from the public eye in an attempt to get his personal and professional life back on track. As you may remember, he is currently on probation (see the note at the bottom of this post 6-22-16) after being charged with violating a court order to avoid contact with his wife and two associated felonies that were committed during the same incident. Through plea agreements the felonies were reduced to misdemeanors. He recently filed a complaint with the state bar association against the Pima County prosecutor claiming that she overcharged him. That claim was dismissed however Burns has stated that he may appeal that decision.

There was also some thought that Mike Zinkin may not run as a result of his many transgressions in dealing with Town employees. The Town hired an attorney out of Phoenix to investigate the charges which cost the Town a little over $8000. The report concluded that the councilman “made at least several inappropriate comments of a sexual nature or regarding persons of Mexican origin.” This report t is dated February 2014 and is available for review by the public. More recently, more complaints were filed by two employees and the Town Council was force to take action against Councilman Zinkin. His social problems appear to be chronic.

Councilman Garner is not without his share of baggage too. He is the owner of the commentary where he referred to the OVPD as a “prima donna department” and that its members practiced “thuggary”.

And all three of the incumbents were front and center supporting the recent failed recall effort.

So the Oro Valley election season is off and running, no pun intended. We will see how things shake out.

One thing for sure, there are certainly some juicy topics out there to discuss.

Stay tuned!!!!!

Note: 6-22-16  We have received a communique via email from Mr. Burns advising he is no longer on probation. Whether that is true or not….we aren’t going to bother to confirm. The fact remains he was put on probation for his deeds and that is sufficient in our eyes to question his value as a candidate.


Good Morning!!

There are a couple of interesting topics to bring your way.

Just in case you haven’t noticed that ‘other blog’ has not posted anything since early January and the rumor is that it’s finished for all practical purposes as a tool for those in Oro Valley who want to spread incomplete and inaccurate information.

If you didn’t notice the letter in the Explorer submitted by our friend and periodic poster on OV Truth, Don Cox, we asked him to send us a copy. We agree with Don in his assessment of Council member Brendan Burns’ future. Mr. Burns should concentrate on his personal life and his career, which at this time both appear to be fragmented. Running for public office is not a wise move. There is a real chance that he will be defeated and opening up his ‘suitcase’ to expose his baggage isn’t worth it.

The recent articles in the Explorer about his appeal to the court on his sentence and his filing of a complaint with the AZ State Bar Association make it clear that Burns feels as though he is a victim. He is not the victim, he was the perpetrator. The victims were his wife and innocent children. And his actions certainly did not reflect well on Oro Valley.

By the way, if you have not had an opportunity to sign the nomination petitions for candidates Rhonda Pina, Bill Rodman and Steve Solomon and wish to do so send us and email at and provide your  contact information and someone will get in touch with you to arrange a time for you to sign petitions. We have been informed that this service will be available through the month of May.

Adios for now. We wish all Moms a great Mother’s Day!!!


I read with interest the piece in the most recent edition of the Explorer about the ongoing antics of Oro Valley Town Councilman Brendan Burns. Without knowing his history, many folks would not know how sad this recent chapter truly is. Rather than taking full responsibility for his own actions and getting on with life, Burns attempted to lash out at a member of his own profession who was simply doing her job as a prosecutor.

Some of the original charges against Councilman Burns were classified as felonies. Negotiations with the County Attorney’s office, the same folks that he has now accused of “alleged ethical violations and misconduct”, the charges against him were greatly reduced. I would consider that a tremendous break. Burns evidently doesn’t think so.

Burns has a documented record of questionable conduct that dates back to at least February 4, 2013, when five units of the Oro Valley Police Department were dispatched to the Burns residence. I won’t go into the details of that incident but suffice it to say that according to the police report it involved alcohol and prescription medications.

Brendan Burns is now considering a bid for re-election here in Oro Valley. I doubt seriously that he is disclosing his past transgressions to those signing his nominating petitions.

I don’t know Mr. Burns personally. I have never spoken directly to him. I have seen him at public events with his three beautiful children. I have had an e-mail exchange with him discussing a matter of official Town business. In that e-mail exchange he referred to me as a “bully and a coward”.

I would think that if Mr. Burns is truly attempting to rehab his personal and professional life running for public office where his complete record, both as an elected official and as a private citizen will be presented to the voters, is an example of extreme selfishness not to mention bad judgment.

Don Cox
Oro Valley

2016 Election update & TV interview CM Burns as the “Victim”.

OK, so I am tardy bringing you an update…. lot’s going on.

I suppose the primary (no pun intended) thing that is on the minds of most of our followers is who is running for Town Council this cycle. So let’s not wait any longer to start the discussion.

The seats currently held by Zinkin, Burns and Garner are up for grabs. Can there be any greater news?

All three of the incumbents have filed a statement of organization which indicates they are probably going to seek reelection. In addition Steve Solomon, Bill Rodman and Rhonda Pina have also filed statements of organization. A statement of organization is required to gather signatures and solicit donations for a campaign.

Don Bristow, Don Cox and Gregory Golden have picked up candidate handbooks but have yet to file a statement. Golden is unknown to this writer but I’ll start doing a little homework.

As for the incumbents, based on their history one would think they all belong in a recovery home of some sort. There is no intent here to disparage recovery homes and all the good they do. But consider the following:

Zinkin – His record of abuse of others is long and well established. It started with the several documented cases of “inappropriate comments of a sexual nature or regarding persons of Mexican national origin” in his early days of elected office, followed by a letter from his son to the Town Council outlining his father’s verbal abuse of the then Mrs. Zinkin and their son and daughter to the most recent complaints filed against him by Town employees (2015) which resulted in punitive action taken by the Oro Valley Town Council against Zinkin (to the extent allowed).

Garner – Believes and stated that the Oro Valley Police department, one of the most effective police departments in the United States (FBI crime stats), is a department engaged in “thuggary” and one which he believed is a “prima donna” department”. Does that sound like rational thinking?

Burns – Just within the past couple of days the following headline was posted on line:

Council member indicted on felony charges files complaint against prosecutor

It goes on to talk about the most recent antics of Councilman Brendan Burns. It seems as though Councilman Burns, previously charged with felony burglary and felony disorderly conduct as a result of entering his former wife’s domicile while under a court order to not have contact. The story goes on to say:

“He was charged with felony burglary and felony disorderly conduct.

“Our defense, we are admitting everything the prosecution says. We’re not denying anything,” Burns said. “But I am not guilty of these charges. I get to go home. That’s how overcharged this was.”

He took a plea deal that resulted in a misdemeanor trespass.

Burns admitted he committed acts of domestic violence.”

The clip of this is attached below so you can see Burns talk about the ordeal.

Now I am not to sharpest knife in the political drawer. But it seem to me that the very last thing a candidate for office would want to experience is headlines reminding the voters of previous misconduct. It also brings into question his desire to protect his family from any public embarrassment.  In any case this is just another example of unsound judgment on his part.  He is entitled to attempt to correct any wrong done to him but the timing of this action seem a bit strange.

Burns TV interview

Shortly we will ask the challengers (Pina/Rodman/Solomon) to provide us with copy that they would like to post on the TRUTH blog.

Sorry for the delay in posting but there is a lot of stuff going on right now!!!




Happy Spring!!!

The holiday season is over, the chill is gone (except for a couple of hours in the early morning) tomatoes are planted and it’s time for THE TRUTH to get back into the swing of things.  While it has been relatively quiet on the surface, much has been going on quietly in the background.

Surprise!!  It’s election time once again. And based on what we know it’s going to be a barn-burner……no play on names!!!  Current council members Garner and Zinkin have pulled election papers from the Town Clerk.  For those of you that may be relatively new to Oro Valley, our primary election will be conducted on August 30th and our general election (if necessary) will be on November 8th. If any candidates gets 50% + 1 votes in the primary they will be elected.  You must be registered  for those elections by August 1st and October 19th respectively. You can pick up registration papers at the Oro Valley Town Hall.

Both Tangerine and Ina are going to be experiencing major construction projects in the near future and we will try to keep you updated on that. But suffice it to say that there are going to be headaches. Cortaro and Orange Grove are going to be your east/west alternatives and both are poor choices. I-10 in both directions will be closed at Ina with traffic being routed on to the frontage roads.

We would like to hear from you on what it is you want from us and maybe how often . PLEASE drop us a response and let us know how we can best serve you. We plan on providing extensive election coverage especially the record(s)of the incumbents. But keep in mind that we will not be posting every time someone takes a breath.

Our next post will be in a day or two with info on who else is running for Town Council and what some of the current council members have been up to….or not up to as the case may be.

Zinkin reprimanded….again

Sometimes other people just say it best. The following is the Explorer Article about Mr. Zinkin’s latest reprimand.  “Wings 3” comment on the article and a great rebuttal to “Wings 3”  from “David”.
As a reminder to “Wings 3”, this is Mr. Zinkins 11th episode of this nature, i.e. offensive comments.
Posted: Tuesday, November 24, 2015 1:52 pm
Zinkin reprimanded Logan Burtch-Buus, The Explorer
The Oro Valley Town Council reprimanded one of their own last week.
In accordance with a 5-1 decision by the council, Councilman Mike Zinkin will be limited in where he can be while on site at the town hall and he must issue an apology to two town employees he offended with remarks made during the Oct. 21 council meeting.
Gary M. Bridget, human resources director for the town, was required to investigate the remarks in question after a complaint was filed by Planning Manager /Planning and Zoning Administrator Bayer Vella on Oct. 22.
The complaint was filed regarding three statements made by Zinkin during a recent meeting.
“Bayer is still trying to grow a beard,” “Elisa has new people in her family,” and “…I think that put you in labor at one point, but uh, it worked,” the final statement was wade to Elisa Hamblin, senior planner for the town.
The complainant felt that it was his responsibility as supervisor to protect staff by reporting how the staff was affected,” Bridget said. “The complainant stated that he too was offended by a comment made by Zinkin that was directed toward a personal physical characteristic.” 
According to Bridget, Vella filed the complaint after speaking with Hamblin, and seeing that she was “still affected” by the comments. 
Before the discussion regarding possible action against Zinkin, Bridget gave his opinion on the matter.
“Both the legal services director and I agree,” he said, “that the comments made… by Councilmember Zinkin were not severe, as defined by the law. They do represent a pattern of repeated behavior by Zinkin. The unprofessional comments are creating a hostile work environment for our employees.” 
On Thursday, Zinkin responded to The Explorer.
“It was determined that I did not violate any laws, and did not infringe on any of the tenants of sexual harassment or a hostile work environment.  If that is the case, who are they trying to protect, and what are they protecting them from.  This was a witch hunt designed by the mayor and town manager to attempt to discredit me and assassinate my character.  If they believe that this will stop me from exposing the damage they are doing to this town as a result of the purchase of the El Con, they are wrong.” 

 WingsThree posted at 7:13 pm on Wed, Nov 25, 2015.

 Compared to remarks from the Mayor himself on occasion, it’s obvious that the witch hunt continues. Oro Valley remains divided after the recent election – this kind of nonsense does nothing toward healing our fractured community. Lastly, Mr. Vella needs to toughen up…what kind of person lodges a complaint over a harmless, offhand remark like that? The man needs to grow a set.
David posted at 3:43 pm on Fri, Nov 27, 2015.
WingsThree is wrong. This is not about a witch hunt. This is about Zinkin’s continued and ongoing comments that create a hostile work environment. This was previously corroborated by an outside legal counsel. These are the 11th formal complaints that have been filed against Zinkin by town employees. I bet WingsThree would be fired from his job if he had even half as many formal complaints against him at his job.
It’s not up to any of us to judge whether comments are harmless or just offhand. What counts is whether the person who the comments were meant for is offended. comments like those made by WingsThree (“grow a set”) have no place in any work environment.
Zinkin needs to change his behavior and stop making jokes that offend people. He has been given numerous opportunities to do so and nothing seems to change.
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